CS3: Hands-on Sessions

  • The Problem

    In today’s automated tech world, students should be explored beyond theoretical knowledge. In present theoretical education system this is not possible unless industry relevant work exposure is integrated. We made this possible with a great vision.

    Our Solution

    Workshops, Trainings and Hands on sessions are great way to teach skills because it offers students a chance to try out new methods. Forge promoted many emerging technologies like robotics, hackathons and android application developments within the students group right from root levels.

    These events aim to provide a technical platform for the students from different colleges. Workshops on Android and Robotics introduced to smooth-en their journey in the field of robotics and android platforms. Through our sessions training, workshops & Hands on session we trained 890+ students from different colleges.

  • Our Results

    More Deliveries
    Issues Resolved
    Leaders Discovered
    Team Collaborations
    Coffees of Hard Work