CS1: Tech & Cultural Event

  • The Problem

    Most of the engineering colleges do not conduct or not aware of Technical & Cultural festivals. Due to this the students never get to know their position on the competitive world.

    Our Solution

    By organizing a National level Technical & Cultural festivals “KITS EKATRA” “SKOPOS” & “BITS EXODIA” we made students and managements to realize the importance of Technical & Cultural festivals in colleges. During this, a student comes across several experiences, and learns many new and exciting things.

    We also made them to realize that a Technical & Cultural festival is not just for fun, it adds more value to a student’s learning experience. In fact they say that importance of Technical and Cultural Events in college equals the importance of studies. With fests, students from the colleges has involved in more activities. Participants learned something more apart from the theoretical knowledge, students from different colleges enhanced their knowledge by participating in technical and cultural fest. These fests promoted innovative ideas and allowed students to share their knowledge and ideas with other students.

    10000+ students from different academic institutions participated in the Technical fests which included most exciting events like Application Development, Robotics, Coding, Hacking, Web Designing, and Paper Presentation on different technical topics. Cultural programs in colleges mostly include fun activities like singing, dancing, or band performance.

    In today’s time, at Colleges, Fests are considered as an important part of the academic session.

  • Our Results

    • 87

      87% More
      Creative Monsters

    • 95

      95% More
      Filled with New Energy