What We Do

Core Services – at a Glance

  • Activity Centre

    Activity Centre is a place for all aspects of student learning and life in the institute. We educate students in practical thinking, community living, social intelligence, ethical behaviour, leadership skills, time and team management etc., to enhance their career.

  • E-Cell

    Entrepreneur cell unites entrepreneurs, students and faculty in the pursuit of excellence in entrepreneurial outreach. Forge provides an industrial platform to become an entrepreneurial leader by mentoring and supporting the business from student life.

  • R & I Centre

    Research and Innovation Centre runs with the intention of generating creative and innovation that can lead to the development of new products or procedures, or to enhance the existing ecosystem by our unique approach in developing the ideas of students to reality.

  • Edified Programs

    Our programs and services aim at giving an exposure of industry to students and help them make a conscious choice about their career by stimulating the intrinsic creativity and practical thinking. With this we make an attempt to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

  • Inhouse Programs

    We also do custom designed programs by Industry experts for graduates and faculty to get awareness of the industry. Focused on next generation technology workshops, mentoring from industry leaders, hackathons, communication and technical training etc.,

  • Alumni Clubs

    We offer all Career Services to Alumni of our customers. These include Career counseling, Resume services, Job search strategies, Networking, Interview preparation, etc., Forge Alumni Association will engage and assist on and off campus students to enrich their goals.

    • Career Advancement

      The undergraduate students have access to several unique career opportunities through our advanced career services. With these services, you can get the Best of your potential and be star by yourself. We are here to support the students for their preparation towards campus recruitment’s.

    • Student Entrepreneur

      Forge integrates a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities in the program. Students interested in start-ups as their careers have access to one-on-one mentoring from a professionals of the industry. You don’t have to study business courses to be a successful entrepreneur, it can all start at Forge!

    • R & I Starts Here

      Engaging in research is an invaluable educational experience at Forge, This allows students to learn about their future professional field. Participation in R & I leads to Internship, Jobs, Startup’s and lot more. Show your potential and brand yourself as one of Best in the market with right approach.

    • Change

      We make a positive change in the world by creating next generation of professionals with the proven process and precedures in place. Every interesting and creative ideas are reviewed on case by case basis. We believe in bringing the change for better tomorrow.

    • Hands-on Sessions

      At Forge students have the opportunity to engage in exciting hands on learning opportunities. These sessions are great way to teach skills because it offers students a chance to try out new methods. Forge promoted many emerging technologies like robotics, android application developments and others amongst the students – right from roots levels.

    • Alumni

      Congratulations! On completing your graduation. Whether you are moving on or continuing your studies, you are now an alumnus of your College and a member of Forge Alumni Association. Stay connected! Forge can help new grads make a successful transition into life’s next chapter, and helps to reconnect with past graduates.

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