• Be A Creative Geek!

    In today’s rapidly changing world creative innovation is the key to success for students. Forge makes a difference by challenging the conventional thoughts and promoting innovative ideas in students to become Geeks!

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  • Be The Monster

    Forge focuses on building and managing institutional brand. In paying attention to brand strategy and management, we attempt to build more powerful, differentiated reputations to rise above the noise with our unique programs and services to institutes. We also build interest in students and demand for the programs in the market. We differentiate and positively promote the institute among competitors and also by encouraging ongoing relationships with key constituencies such as industries and alumni according to the changing conditions and crises.

  • Corporate College

    At Forge, we provide exciting new partnership between colleges and Industries, through this opportunity college can provide Industry exposure within the campus itself. This association with industries through Forge help the students from college to get real time work experience during their students life, which adds more value to college and also students graduating from these colleges are well placed for careers in engineering. No wonder, this even promotes entrepreneurial community in the college. So what are you waiting for?

  • Support Network

    It is increasingly important for universities and colleges to provide all the necessary support for a good student experience, and successful completion of their graduation. We from Forge with expertise team help in building supporting network and also help universities in developing support system to make full use of these services to further the growth of institutes and students. Our unique partnerships with industries help colleges in delivering world class leading education system and also helps in multiplying collaborations.
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India Generates 1.8 Million Engg.Graduates/Year

Andhra and Telangana Generates 340,000 Engg.Graduates/Year

  • Shaping Future

    Getting involved in activities outside the classroom can give a student new skills and help you learn about yourself and can be fun. Activities also play a part when you apply to job. That’s because the things you do in your free time reveal a lot about you at work and what value you can build for the organization. We provide students with both academic and non-academic activities to promote personal and professional development.

  • Job You’ll Value

    Forge has got many college students and recent graduates to work as interns and take a temporary job to get hands-on experience in their interested field. If a student is well qualified, you can get an internship followed by a job. Students even can choose internships to start a career which allows them to gain exposure, to develop professional work skills, and obtain a competitive advantage in the job search.

  • Start-up Yourself

    Forge provides the necessary infrastructure and support for the qualified students to start their own company while studying at campus. Here is an opportunity for someone to be unique and experience their dreams come true. Not only this, but our industry experts constantly mentor you to get right with your business and promote you for seed funding to start up your company. So let’s get started, right away!

Only 1.76% Graduates From IT, 35.6% From ITeS And 40.2% From Non-IT

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